Please note that the work of Peter Driessel Photography has a copyright, why would you want to copy it, rather come in for a shoot, and if you a photographer it is just wrong to copy someone elses images? ;)

Preparing your shoot

Preparing your shoot

How to prepare for your photographic shoot.

Hair for Photography

In preparing your shoot we would really recommend having your hair styled for your portrait session.

Manicures and Pedicures for Photography

Although we recommend having a french manicure and pedicure, if you do decide to wear another colour.

Moisturise yourself for Photography

It is highly recommended to stay well hydrated the week before your shoot, and then ensure your skin is really well moisturised the day before and on the shoot, if will give it a nice glow and it also helps with your makeup.

Shaving and Waxing

Try to wax or shave a few days before your shoot, often we find clients who do this the day before or even on the shoot can come up in a rash. If you are not going to be showing off any skin you don’t need to worry either way.  This is only necessary for a boudoir photography or nude photography shoot.

Feet for Photography

Please ensure your feet are clean and your toenails are polished if your feet are going to be in any of the images as dirty feet will show up on your images.

Preparing your shoot, eating and bloating

Salads and fruit could cause bloating so unless you know your body, try to avoid them before a shoot, your really don’t want to be uncomfortable before your shoot. Carbs the day before your shoot can also cause bloating so try to avoid them, but please eat something and stay well hydrated.

Posing for Photography

We will take all of the stress out of your posing and show you exactly what to do on the day.

Being in front of a camera can be daunting, so start preparing yourself a few days before by relaxing in front of the mirror, laugh at yourself, if you are planning a boudoir photography shoot, seduce yourself, play around with looks and find the sex goddess in you.

Clothing for Photography

Try pack your things the day before your photography session so you are not rushed on the day of the shoot.  Please discuss the clothing you intend to wear with us before you come to the shoot, particularly with families.  For family shoots pastel colours are usually far more appealing.

Please wear as loose fitting clothing as possible on the day if you are doing a boudoir shoot. The fewer lines on your body, the better, particularly if you have decided to do some nude photos.

The day before your Photo shoot

Most importantly is to get a good night’s rest, puffy eyes don’t make a good picture!