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Make Up

Make up for Photography

Let the transformation begin. 

Makeup for our female clients to us is really important as bad makeup or inferior make up products can ruin an image.  We only use professional make up artists and would recommend that if your package does not include make up to take that particular option.  You are ultimately responsible for your overall look in your images so in essence you need to be aware of how good make up can contribute to the total look of your images.

ThWedding Photographere first thing to be aware of is that a camera will never capture the vibrant colours of your makeup as you see it in real life.  This is one of the reasons that our makeup artists will exaggerate the make up they apply, even when you are going for that natural look. Makeup for photography and make up for going out then is very different.  The light bouncing off your face should be applied in as natural light as possible.

We could go into all of the technical facts as to how the light used to apply your makeup can change your entire look, for example if it was being applied under florescent lights, which give off a green colour cast could make your skin look pale and washed out which is great if you are doing a hospital shoot and want to look ill.

Good old fashion light bulbs give off a warm yellow light which is different to the flash light given off, so although the warm yellow light is flattering to most skins it does not really allow you to see the detailed clarity of the flaws in skin.  These flaws need to be blended and covered up for photography. Halogen and LED lights can also give off different colour casts, so what you are used to seeing in your mirror at home may look very different to what we apply to your face in our studio, the bottom line is that our make up artists have been trained to apply make up for our style of photography.

As the eyes are the focal point in most portrait images we want them to stand out and therefore exaggerate them, the bolder they are the more defined they will appear.  We use a minimum of 3-4 different shades when doing your eyes.  We also use false eye lashes when possible to give the images that extra oomph.

Make UpWe only use top quality makeup products such as MUD, Kryolan and Smashbox for your photo shoot, cheaper products may look cakey or even get crease marks in them which will make you look cracked or wrinkly. We use matte products to avoid a shine to the face, nobody likes a shiny face in photography unless you are going for that sweaty gym look.  Your lips are another story here you want to add a little bit of shine to make them look full and more attractive.  We usually go for the editorial glamour model look that you see in those glossy magazines we all love paging through.

There is an option to add in extra make up looks in your shoot depending on the package you choose, so if you want to go for that smokey sensual look or something outrageous we can accommodate your needs.

We also run make-up workshops

These can be combined with a posing workshop or a standalone make up workshop be it for models or the executive that just wants to look good when going for work.  These workshops are presented by internationally acclaimed make up Artist Tracey-Lee Perry of Brushstokes Make Up Artistry.