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Hair for Photography

Hair for Photography

Hair styles for photographyHair for your photography is so important and often overlooked by clients.  The first thing to ensure is that it is washed and clean, you really don’t want flat, dull oily hair in your shoot.

Basic Hair R250

Professional Hair Styling R500

Quick Hair Tips

  • If you dye your hair ensure that you touch up the roots about 3 days before you do your photoshoot.
  • If it has been a while since your last haircut, get a trim.
  • Neat healthy hair can be vibrant and make you appear youthful and even a subtle trim can make a big difference.

One thing that could also do wonder is to go for a professional deep conditioning, go and be pampered, or use one at home, maybe even adding a protein pack to it.  Wrap you head and have some quiet time by reading your favourite book.

We recommend that you either get your hair styled before your shoot, or you can book a stylist through us. We work with several hair stylists and can arrange for one to meet you at our studio on the day of your shoot, this will obviously be at your cost.

We can assist you with hiring in a professional stylist at your cost to give you a personalised style; be it for your sweet 16, boudoir shoot, engagement photos, pre-wedding shoot, bridal fashion editorial shoot, family portraits or any other shoot you can think of.