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Editing – Post Production

Photo editing is also referred to as airbrushing, retouching or even Photoshopping and in extreme cases photo manipulation where the entire image is changed often resulting in the picture not looking like the person that the image was originally taken of, we do not do photo manipulation.  Photo editing in essence is how your images are changed to look better.  We strive to give your images a fashion inspired, magazine quality finish to them. We do this through the use of Photoshop.

Editing of your images will take approximately 14 to 21 working day, with prior notice and with a premium we could do them quicker especially if you thinking of gifting a photo shoot last minute and would like to give someone a coffee table book.

We have classified editing into two different types.  Basic Editing and Advanced Editing.

Standard Edit

R100 each

  • Removing blemishes such as spots, bruises and pimples.
  • Reducing wrinkles, if required.
  • Taking our stretch marks and cellulite, if required.
  • Subtly enhancing eyes colour and sharpness.
  • A basic skin airbrush.
  • Convert image to Black and White as well as keeping the original colour.

R250 each

  • These edits take considerably more time to complete than a standard edit.
  • Removing blemishes such as spots, bruises and pimples.
  • Reducing wrinkles, if required.
  • Taking our stretchmarks and cellulite, if required.
  • Subtly enhancing eyes colour and sharpness.
  • Skin Airbrushing.
  • Nipping and tucking
  • Enlarging and reducing
  • Enhance Background

For those that would like to know more:

Professional photographers have two options of how their digital images are produced we either shoot in RAW format or JPEG format, this might not mean a lot to you but when we are editing an image it means a great deal.

A RAW file is uncompressed (it is said that when a file compresses it damages the data) and contains undeveloped and unprocessed data, essentially these are digital negatives.  A RAW fill preserves most of the information from the camera, such as sharpness and contrast but will need to be converted to JPEG in order to have it printed or to share it electronically.

A JPEG file is probably one of the most commonly used file formats where your camera will process and compress the image.  Most computers can open and read a JPEG file whereas a RAW file needs a program like Photoshop to open it.

RAW files give the editor more control over the image, things like white balance and exposure are more easily controlled.  The quality of the converted JPEG is also far better than shooting directly in JPEG. A RAW file may appear dull and a little more lifeless than the same initial JPEG image as it has not been processed by the camera, think of it like an old Film image that still needs developing, so in essence every RAW image will need to be processed back into JPEG but as mentioned the quality will be far better than just a normal JPEG.

Advantages of RAW

  • An 8-bit JPEG format contains 256 shades of Red, Green and blue (16 million), a 12-Bit RAW image contains the most amount of information with 4096 shades of Red, Green and Blue (68 billion colours).  We shoot 14-Bit RAW files which equate to around 4.3 trillion possible colours. 
  • RAW files do not suffer from image compression artifacts.
  • JPEG files are automatically sharpened, while RAW files are not, this allows us to use better sharpening algorithms in Photoshop.
  • We have better manipulation of an image that could be under or over exposed.

Professional photographers will argue the merits of RAW vs JPEG for years to come, we prefer to use RAW files in our editing process to give you the best results possible.

JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group it is pronounced Jay Peg and has a file extension of .JPG

RAW – Contains minimally process data from the digital camera and are not yet processed.