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A mom’s take on her first photo journey

When you announce to the world that you are soon to be a mom it’s like the stage lights go on, the music queues and out of nowhere many an experienced mother will offer their free advice.  The one thing that moms kept saying (and one of the few things I totally agreed with) is that time goes quickly and that we had to preserve special memories for our child.  (After all, our parents didn’t have the luxury of the […]

Questions to ask your photographer

So what questions to ask your photographer?  We have had clients ask us things like; “What camera do you use? What lenses do you use? What lighting set up can I expect, what is the brand of equipment you use?  Why is your shooting style?” How does the brand of equipment impact the photographers results, who asked you to pose these questions, do you really understand lighting setups?  Surely you have looked at the photographers portfolio, which is usually found […]

How to select a wedding Photographer

Your wedding pictures will last forever but your wedding only lasts for one day, which will fly past.  Far too many brides take a big risk with their weddings as they do not know what to look for in a wedding photographer.  Our first recommendation is not to choose your photographer based upon price. Meet with a number of wedding photographers, find out about their styles, see if you are going Selecting a Wedding Photographer Your wedding only lasts one […]

5 Ways to prepare for your portrait photography session

Everyone needs a few good images of themselves, be it the entire family or just you taking a picture for your mother.  Choosing your photographer for this session is an important factor, but preparing for the shoot is just as important. Here are a 5 quick tips: Grooming It is always a good idea to ensure you hair is looking fabulous, if you are a guy ensure your hair is neat and trimmed.  For you ladies, I would recommend a […]